First Week Thoughts


I’m Andrea and on Wednesday 7th December I started a new role for DEAFinitely HEAR FOR YOU, a project being ran by the Total Communication community working in marketing and other areas of the organisation. I went in feeling positive and enthusiastic if quite nervous. This was my first time working for a D/deaf/disabled charity.

My first task? Decorate the company post box to be used for Christmas cards and look at the company folders. As I glanced over all of the information, the previous marketing activities and various details, I had many ideas to get started on to grow the business.

I was asked to help with a cleaning job as my colleague needed support with it. The property was a house that was being sold and it needed some tender loving care to ensure it went to the next people in the best condition. Being a flexible organisation they understood that I’d had a few nights of insomnia and wasn’t feeling myself. With that in mind they allowed me to leave after the cleaning.

I went to the cleaning job with my colleague in a lovely but busy looking house. I donned some rubber gloves and dusted, wiped and polished each cupboard, shelf and window in the kitchen. The lady living there was polite and friendly, thanking us for our time. I felt comfortable in my first cleaning job.

I didn’t get to decorate the post box on my first day but I was determined to on Friday. And I did.


In my first week I met people that were welcoming and seemed lovely, both colleagues and customers. I’m looking forward to helping to expand and grow the DEAFinitely HEAR FOR YOU community side of the business and the organisation overall.




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